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      "Oh, I'll have to send you to the provost-martial at Baton Rouge and let you settle that with him.""Oh, I don't know, either, but--well, I don't believe there's a braver man in Grant's army than that one a-straddle of my horse to-day! Why, just the way he got him, night before last,--you've heard that, have you not?"

      "I do, Captain; but at the same time--"Indeed I did. Between young men, to whom the principles of living were still unproved weapons, there was, to my taste, just one sort of talk better than table-talk, and that was saddle-talk; I remembered vividly.

      "Those? That one is the Virgin's sheaf; and those two are the Balances."

      "I am prepared to take that for granted," put in the Doctor, coughing slightly.

      "Of course, I've noticed that," said Lawrence thoughtfully. "For instance, I once was exceedingly fond of the smell of tuberose, but----"Lawrence gave the necessary information. He was a little surprised to hear that his hostess had never heard of the tuberose. Nor, fond of flowers as she seemed, did she appear in the least interested.


      Two very auspicious pieces of news awaited him when he got home, and found his wife and Alice just about to go upstairs to dress. Alices slippers had come back from the shoe-makers, and could be presented to Mr Silverdale to-night, while, as by a miracle, a bit of salmon had been procured also. Lady Keeling had been driving by that little fishmongers in Drury Place, and there on the marble slab was quite a nice bit of salmon. She had brought it home herself on the box of the victoria, for fear of there being any mischance as to its delivery. Alice was even more excited, for nobody else had ever been permitted to work Master a pair of slippers, and Julia Fyson was coming to dinner, who, with eyes green{307} with jealousy, would see the presentation made. They were to be brought into the dining-room at the end of dinner, when Lady Keeling gave two short pressures to the electric bell that stood by her on the table, by the boy covered with buttons, wrapped round with endless swathings of paper. He was to present this bale to Mr Silverdale, saying that it was immediate and asking if there was any answer. Would it not be fun to see the astonished Master take off all those wrappings, and find the Maltese crosses within?"Why should he? Isn't it good to leave one's lieutenant sometimes in command; isn't it bad not to?"


      We go together then, he said, but there was no conviction in his voice. It was but a despairing, drowning cry.My leader smiled at my simplicity. "She is not at Wiggins."